Butterfly release magic!

Wedding butterfliesButterfly releases are a wonderful way to add a magical moment to your wedding or other special event.  A symbol of new beginnings and happiness, live butterflies released to fill the sky with the bright wings of summer will create a beautiful memory.  Perfect for summer garden weddings, a butterfly release will also add a poignant special moment to funerals, memorials and unveilings.

Butterflies for Romance
bride and bridesmaid butterfly photographyAs the symbol of love and joy, butterflies add a touch of romance to weddings and anniversaries, and make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or Engagement. A butterfly release is a new “tradition” at weddings, civil unions and renewal of vows. Read how to do a successful butterfly release at your wedding or special occasion.

Butterflies for Spirit
Many people release butterflies to symbolize the release of a person’s spirit.  Butterflies taking flight can be an uplifting experience for the family and friends celebrating a loved one’s life at funerals, tangi, memorials and unveilings.  Butterfly release boxes or paper release triangles can be specially decorated to add to this experience and enhance green funerals and natural burials. See some suggestions of words to say at a funeral release.

Child in hospital with butterflyButterflies for Hope
The metamorphosis of chrysalis into butterfly is a moment of wonder that can bring joy to those in hospital or hospices.  Brightwings Butterflies’  special clear hanging spheres allow the person receiving this unique gift to see closely every stage in this metamorphosis and then release the butterfly to freedom. How much for a chrysalis sphere? (butterflies & butterfly release products price list).

Butterflies for Freedom
Metamorphosis means change, and a butterfly release can add meaning to all celebrations of new life or new starts, such as Christenings, Naming Days, birthdays and graduations. There are many beautiful readings to accompany the release. Here’s one from the Bible for a Naming ceremony: “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new” II Corinthians 5:17    

 Another alternative is someone reading the Irish blessing:

May the wings of a butterfly light on your shoulder

Irish blessing: May the wings of a butterfly kiss the sun and find your shoulder...

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IBBA International Butterfly Breeders AssociationEthical choice: As a member of the International Butterfly Breeders Association (IBBA) Brightwings Butterflies is a butterfly release company that is committed to the conservation of New Zealand butterflies and moths, and the protection of their habitat.  The IBBA code of ethics is designed to ensure the welfare of the butterflies at the same time as assuring fair trading for the customer.

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